JOHN PEARCE PAINTER - The unaided eye


The purpose of this site is to offer a retrospective overview of my paintings, and to describe my working approaches and artistic aims.

My work features ecological close-ups of vegetation, painted out of doors, entirely from observation, with the unaided eye.

Often painted in urban locations, my work has been described as 'garden painting' rather than 'landscape', and included in exhibitions and publications on that theme. 'Plantscape' might better convey the interface between cultivation and wilderness, but gardens remain important.

Small, fenced-off, owned areas of the planet can offer a unique sense of closeness to nature and remoteness from 'the world'. They also have a role in protecting the natural environment, and the individuality of the owner's vision is a vital factor. I am indebted to those who have participated in my projects by allowing me to paint on their properties, often for very extended periods of time.

Most of the pictures are now in private collections in Britain and abroad. Some recent works may be for sale. Enquiries regarding sales should be addressed to Francis Kyle, my artistic agent since 1998:

Francis Kyle Gallery 9 Maddox Street Mayfair London W1S 2QE

Tel: 020 7499 6870/6970    

Any comments, criticisms or queries regarding this site will be welcome:           





Brambles in a North London Garden  oil on canvas 40"x30" 2001

All images © John N. Pearce